OEE or CEI? How We Are Different

UB offers robust support to ensure excellence in teaching and  to support student academic success. While both the Office of Educational Effectiveness (OEE) and the Center for Educational Innovation (CEI) work with programs across the university, each office supports these endeavors in different ways. The chart below delineates our operational areas.  

Office of Educational Effectiveness

OEE Mission

The Office of Educational Effectiveness, built on a strong foundation of skill and capacity in assessment and an institutional-level repository of knowledge, strives to ensure high quality, systematic, continuous and rigorous assessment of student learning and success, as well as instructional and program effectiveness.

OEE Activities

University Programming related to continuous improvement (e.g., Assessment Day, consultations); Tableau visualizations and dashboards; Data analysis and reporting; AAPAR development and support; Comprehensive Program Review; Course Evaluation


OEE Assessment Support

Program Level Outcomes; Alignment of Program Outcomes to Institutional Outcomes; Accreditation Reporting

OEE Tools

Program and Institution Level (e.g., AAPAR, Baseline, SmartEvals)  

OEE Population Served

Deans, Program Chairs, Program Advisors; Administration for policy making 

OEE Approach

Evidence-Based Continuous Improvement; Broad

OEE Research

Application of Assessment Practices

Center for Educational Innovation

CEI Mission

The Center for Educational Innovation partners with university deans and faculty to positively impact student learning outcomes through the art of teaching and the science of learning.


CEI Activities

University Programming related to teaching excellence (e.g., Academies, Genteels); Learning Designer consultations; UBLearns Support; Teaching improvement projects (incl. development, analytics and research); Supporting faculty to transition courses to remote instruction or alternative delivery modes

CEI Assessment Support

Course Level Outcomes; Alignment of Course Outcomes to Program Outcomes

CEI Tools

Course Based (e.g., UBLearns, Panopto, Zoom)

CEI Population Served

Faculty, Adjuncts and TAs; Staff


CEI Approach

Art of Teaching and Science of Learning – Practice and Application; Specific

CEI Research

Scholarship of UB teaching and learning


OEE can provide information to CEI about areas where instructors could benefit from resources/supports; OEE can also help CEI assess its impact on teaching and learning.