An editorial in the Buffalo News about the Western New York economy looks at the positive changes that are taking place, including Start-Up NY, and notes the first eight companies working with UB have been selected and promise to create more than 600 jobs.


An article on BBC about the best ways to pull an all-nighter offers tips on how to stay awake, but also notes that according to UB researchers people who sleep fewer than six hours a night are more likely to develop impaired fasting glucose, a condition that precedes type 2 diabetes, than people who sleep for longer.


An article in The Washington Post about what motivates armed groups such as the Islamic State and others to commit atrocities against civilians was co-authored by Jason Kathman, associate professor of political science.


An article in New Scientist about the debate among cosmologists over the forces that could push the universe apart – inflation or dark energy – quotes Will Kinney, associate professor of physics. “Everyone wants BICEP2 to be right,” he said, “because if it is, we are going to be doing incredibly precise physics on the inflationary model within the foreseeable future. And it’s going to be really cool.”


UB also ranked No. 1 among public universities for lowest student debt and is a top school for veterans.


In addition, media outlets worldwide reported on the research by UB biolobical sciences professor Victor Albert, PhD.


FOX Sports, Associated Press, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, Yahoo Canada Sports, WGRZ, Business First and the Buffalo News also reported the story.


UB President Satish K. Tripathi said UB has become the top destination for valedictorians in Western New York.


Libby Otto admits that at first there was skepticism about adding another event to an already busy calendar.


The findings could lead to new treatments for sleep disorders.