An article in National Geographic on reports that disease outbreaks in humans are likely to increase as global climate change reshapes the world's ecosystems quotes Richard V. Lee, professor of medicine, who says "Global climate change is not the same all over the globe. We know that the range of mosquito species known to carry certain infections like malaria will expand as temperatures and rainfalls vary."
An article in the Appleton Post Crescent on area residents and blogging quotes Alex Halavais, assistant professor of communication, who says "I would say blogging exists at the boundary between conversation and publication. The culture of blogging -- valuing conversation, freely sharing content and radical transparency -- is a big part of the force behind the popularity of blogging. The ability of the blog to fulfill such a wide range of communication tasks makes it a perfect carrier for these new values."
An article in the Hartford Courant on the return to television of the "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show" quotes Elayne Rapping, professor of American studies, who says "The tawdriness and tastelessness of mass media in general is not going to get any better, it's going to get worse because people have gotten used to it, even addicted to it. Viewers will watch -- they like violence, and they like sex."
More than 60 television stations across the country, including WNBC-TV in New York City, and a number of Web sites, are running a story on research that shows a link between milk, iodine and acne, and quotes Harvey Arbesman, clinical assistant professor of dermatology.
An article in USA Today on a patent lawsuit against the maker of the BlackBerry quotes Shubha Ghosh, professor of law, who says a shutdown of BlackBerry service is unlikely because "There's too much at stake for (RIM and NTP) not to settle."
An article distributed by the Associated Press reports that former Nebraska quarterback and assistant coach Turner Gill has accepted the head coaching position at UB. More than 70 outlets picking up the story, including CBS Sportsline, CNN/Sports Illustrated, ESPN, MSNBC and USA Today.
An article distributed by UPI reports on changing leadership styles and hospital culture and the impact that could have on the nursing profession, and quotes Fred Dansereau, professor of organizations and human resources in the School of Management.