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Abigail Cooke tells CBS, based on her research from 18 years of employment data, people pointing the finger at immigrants for stagnant wages are pointing the finger in the wrong direction.


The New York Times reports on a study by Jean Wactawski-Wende that found periodontal disease in older women is associated with an increased risk for cancer.


For the first time, David Dietz told the Associated Press, researchers are beginning to get an idea of what the depressed brain looks like.


The key for curing Hepatitis C, Andrew Talal tells CGTV News, is the increased realization that substance abusers are the majority of the infected in most countries. 


There are fewer and fewer spaces where we cannot be subject to the hard sell, Mark Bartholomew tells Politico.


Michael Russell talks about the capacity of gonorrhea to suppress the development of an immune response against it in a CNBC story.


The Atlantic interviews Eduardo Mercado III, who says it's not clear from the recordings of humpback whales if the whales are genuinely learning new melodies, or simply flubbing their lines.


"The ethos of policing is: 'We're super people and we can't be weak. We're not a bunch of sissies,'" John Violanti tells USA Today.


Lynn Kozlowski tells The Wall Street Journal that the 'not safe' message when it comes to smokeless tobacco is not enough.


In a Washington Post op-ed, Mark Bartholomew looks at the problems associated with the sell-off of government infrastructure.