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Social Sciences

News about UB’s social sciences programs, including fields such as anthropology, psychology and social work.

Ryan Austin standing in front of Hull House.
BUFFALO, N.Y. – Among several archaeological excavations undertaken this summer by the Archaeological Survey in the Department of Anthropology is the ongoing search for and excavation of outbuildings at Lancaster’s Hull Family Home and Farmstead, one of Western New York’s most significant historic sites that is anchored by the oldest substantial stone dwelling in Erie County.
BUFFALO, N.Y. – Once swampy grassland dotted with sheep, then a booming center of the nation’s economy, Buffalo’s Erie Canal neighborhood has lived many lives over the past 200 years and now is giving up some of its secrets.
BUFFALO, N.Y. – The University at Buffalo’s annual menu of intellectually stimulating, fun and sometimes offbeat summer workshops and courses kicks off next week with a program that will give participants an introduction to preparing herbal remedies and cooking a wild food buffet.
BUFFALO, N.Y. – Two University at Buffalo education professors known for their pioneering work in teacher education and the integration of digital media into public school classrooms, have edited a book celebrating what they call “an essential new literacy” in American schools.
Photo of Carole Emberton
BUFFALO, N.Y. – “The debate about gun control in this country is not related to American Revolutionary thought, as gun control opponents often claim, but is grounded in the paranoia experienced by whites over the loss of slaves and their own political domination, a state of mind that arose after the Civil War,” says Carole Emberton, PhD, assistant professor of American history at the University at Buffalo.
Jeremy Finn
BUFFALO, N.Y. – University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education Professor Jeremy D. Finn, PhD, will speak Thursday, Jan. 10, at a national conference on school discipline, suspensions, security and misbehavior, with special emphasis on alternatives to excluding students from schools.

The holidays are a busy time for engagements, and Trina Hamilton, a University at Buffalo expert in corporate responsibility, says socially minded consumers have a lot to think about when it comes to finding the right rock.


University at Buffalo faculty members are available to discuss challenges relating to the arrival of Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast, including threats to buildings, infrastructure and water supplies.


The well-known "door-in-the-face" (DITF) persuasion strategy predicts greater compliance with a target request if it is preceded by a larger and more objectionable request. It has been a popular tool of those in the persuasion trade since it was introduced nearly 40 years ago.


Significant change can stem from a small adjustment. In the case of infant and mother mortality in Buffalo, improving communication can save lives.