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News about UB’s political science programs, and related insight into politics.


As they head into the Florida primary, noted presidential election scholar and forecaster James Campbell says the battle between Republican hopefuls Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney is likely to intensify and become even more negative.


A team of students from the University at Buffalo Law School has been named a winner of the 2012 New York Redistricting Project, a national competition that challenged student teams to draw new congressional, state senate and state assembly district maps.


In "A New Way Forward: Native Nations, Nonprofitization, Community Land Trusts, and the Indigenous Shadow State," published in the current issue of Nonprofit Policy Forum, University at Buffalo graduate student Samuel W. Rose considers what Native American governance bodies should do now that the political and legal avenues that served their interests well for years no longer work.


The University at Buffalo is offering free tickets to local community and religious organizations and churches and to Western New York high schools to attend UB's 36th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration event featuring Soledad O'Brien, CNN anchor, special correspondent and author.


The University at Buffalo will once again honor its first chancellor and the 13th president of the United States, Millard Fillmore, in a ceremony to take place at 10 a.m. Friday, Jan. 6, at Fillmore's gravesite in Buffalo's Forest Lawn Cemetery.


With health care, the national deficit and immigration all serving as current hot-button political issues, one University at Buffalo professor has found a viable way to both save money and provide health care for elderly immigrants.


Rick Perry's failure to retrieve the name of one of the federal agencies he would abolish if elected president, namely the Department of Energy, was most likely an example of a very common phenomenon called "Tip of the Tongue" phenomenon or "TOT," says a University at Buffalo psycholinguist.


With the 2012 presidential campaign in full swing, President Obama's low approval rating and the struggling economy will be key indicators in the election outcome, according to University at Buffalo political scientist James E. Campbell.


Research in the field of geography has led to a better understanding of the pros and cons of corporate responsibility initiatives, according to a new paper on the topic by a University at Buffalo geographer, a corporate responsibility expert.


BUFFALO, N.Y. Mixing a historic panel of eyewitnesses and survivors with past and present multi-media attractions, the University at Buffalo will mark the 40th anniversary of the most deadly prison riot in the nation's history with a three-day conference, Sept. 11-13 at UB and other Buffalo college campuses, a short drive away from the prison.