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Experts for Trending Topic: U.S. Politics

Polarization of politics, future of Democratic and Republican parties


James Campbell

Professor of Political Science

Expertise: campaigns and elections, American political parties, election forecasting

Phone: 716-645-8452


Campbell is a well-known and often-quoted expert in U.S. electoral politics. In addition to providing election and campaign analysis, he can discuss the polarization of American politics and future prospects for the Democratic and Republican parties. Campbell is author of a new book, “Polarized: Making Sense of a Divided America, which explains how and why the deep divisions in American politics today developed and widened.

Supreme Court, Electoral College


James A. Gardner

Bridget and Thomas Black Professor of Law

Expertise: election law, constitutional law, federalism, state constitutional law

Phone: 716-645-3607


Gardner can discuss how a Donald Trump presidency could shape the Supreme Court for years to come. He can also discuss the Electoral College — its history, what it would take to reform it, and why it is unlikely to ever be replaced by the popular vote.

Political analysis, political strategy, voter sentiment, religion and politics


Jacob Neiheisel

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Expertise: campaigns and elections, political communication, religion and politics, electoral strategy, voter turnout

Phone: 716-645-8439


Neiheisel is an expert on political communication and campaigns. He can explain the political implications of decisions made by the White House, Republicans and Democrats, including those decisions' potential impact on voter sentiment.

Societal and cultural implications, protest movements, state of public discourse


Kari J. Winter

Executive Director of UB's Humanities Institute

Expertise: gender, feminism, race, class, slavery, politics of food, literature

Phone: 716-645-0827


Winter is an expert on gender, race, class and American history. She can speak to the media about the state of public discourse in the nation, as well as the roots of protests against the Trump administration. Winter says there has been an intensifying climate of fear, with many people feeling anxious and disinherited as public discourse in the country sinks to new lows.