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Experts for Trending Topic: Medical Marijuana

Legalization debate, FDA classification of marijuana


Edward Bednarczyk

Chair and Clinical Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice

Expertise: medical marijuana, tobacco sales in pharmacies, headaches and migraines, pharmacy practice

Contact: Edward Bednarczyk can be contacted most quickly through Rachel Stern in UB Media Relations at 716-645-9069 or

Phone: 716-645-4805


Edward Bednarczyk, an expert in pharmacy, has been a passionate voice in the debate on whether to legalize marijuana for medicinal uses. His says while the FDA should reclassify marijuana to make it more accessible to researchers, more studies are needed before society can truly understand the drugs' risks and benefits. “Just like any other drug product, we shouldn't rush things to market until the expected, standard for safety has been met,” he says.

Legalization debate, addictive effects, medical marijuana in New York State

Kenneth Leonard, director of UB's Research Institute on Addictions, can speak to media about the legalization debate and the addictive effects of marijuana. He calls the arrival of medical marijuana in New York State a “mostly positive” development, in part because New York’s legislation does an excellent job of “framing marijuana as a medicine, and not as a way to get high.” Leonard can be reached through Rachel Stern in UB Media Relations at 716-645-9069 or