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Experts for Trending Topic: Immigration and Refugees

Economic impact of immigration


Abigail Cooke

Assistant Professor of Geography

Expertise: economic impact of immigration; economic impact of international trade; urban economies; international trade

Phone: 716-645-0486


Cooke is an expert on the economic impact of immigration. She can speak to media about how immigration impacts wages and productivity. Her research has found that in the U.S., diverse immigrant populations in cities and workplaces boost wages and productivity.  

Immigration enforcement, sanctuary cities, refugees, illegal immigration


Rick T. Su

Professor of Law

Expertise: immigration law and policy, refugees, local government law, federalism

Phone: 716-645-5134


Su is a legal expert who can comment on a broad range of issues related to immigration and immigration law in the United States. He can comment on the effects of immigration policies, as well as the roots of current problems such as illegal immigration and refugee crises around the world. Su has studied a range of topics related to immigration, including restrictive immigration laws, the integration of immigrants in urban communities, and the role of local police in enforcing federal immigration policies.

Refugees, refugee resettlement


Hilary Weaver

Co-director of the Immigrant and Refugee Research Institute

Expertise: Indigenous populations, Native Americans, refugees, cultural competence in the helping professions

Phone: 716-645-1226


Hilary Weaver is co-director of the Immigrant and Refugee Research Institute at UB. She can speak to media about refugee resettlement, sentiment in the U.S. toward refugees, and new developments related to the United States' acceptance of refugees from countries around the world.