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Faculty Experts A-Z

University at Buffalo faculty are available to provide expert opinions and analysis on topics in the news. If you are having trouble locating an expert, contact UB's media relations team.


Sam Abramovich

Assistant Professor of Learning and Instruction, and Information and Library Studies

Expertise: education informatics (i.e., use of data in education), the learning sciences, alternative assessments and educational games

Contact: 716-645-5009,


Diana Aga

Professor of Chemistry

Expertise: environmental pollution; emerging contaminants including nanomaterials, brominated flame retardants and endocrine-disrupting chemicals; wastewater treatment of pharmaceuticals; environmental mass spectrometry

Contact: 716-645-4220,


Victor Albert

Professor of Biological Sciences

Expertise: evolutionary biology, genomics, plant genomics, flowers, junk DNA

Contact: 716-645-4983,


Mark Bartholomew

Professor of Law

Expertise: intellectual property, copyright, trademarks, cyber law, cybersecurity bills (such as SOPA and CISPA), net neutrality, advertising law


Michael Boucai

Associate Professor of Law

Expertise:family, criminal, and constitutional law; gender & sexuality law; LGBT rights and queer history


Jason Briner

Associate Professor of Geology

Expertise: climate change, Arctic glaciers and ice sheets, response of glaciers and ice sheets to climate change


James Campbell

Professor and Chair of Political Science

Expertise: campaigns and elections, American political parties, election forecasting, campaign finance, presidential politics, presidential-congressional relations


David Castillo

Professor and Chair of Romance Languages and Literatures

Expertise: early modern culture, Baroque literature, horror and fantasy, new media and culture



Ming Ming Chiu

Professor of Learning and Instruction

Expertise: classroom conversations, parent-child conversations, group work, international comparisons of students, corruption in the music industry, statistical analyses in education


R. Lorraine Collins

Professor of Community Health and Health Behavior

Expertise: substance abuse, malt liquor and marijuana use, drinking restraint, smoking, women's issues


Anne B. Curtis

Charles and Mary Bauer Professor and Chair of Medicine

Expertise: heart health, heart rhythm abnormalities, atrial fibrillation, cardiac devices, pacemakers, implantable cardiac defibrillators


Matthew Dimick

Associate Professor of Law

Expertise: income inequality, tax and welfare policy as it relates to income inequality, corporations, employment law, labor law


Helen Domske

Associate Director of Great Lakes Program

Expertise: Great Lakes, water pollution, invasive species, Asian carp, zebra mussels, quagga mussels


Karl Fiebelkorn

Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice

Expertise: laws and regulations affecting pharmacy practice, medication errors, systems for improving practice sites, adult asthma, pharmacy business plan modeling


Jeremy D. Finn

SUNY Distinguished Professor of Counseling, School and Educational Psychology, and Educational Leadership and Policy

Expertise: class size, student engagement, drop-out prevention, at-risk students, student suspensions, school security measures, quantitative methods to study K-12 policy issues


Joseph A. Gardella Jr.

SUNY Distinguished Professor of Chemistry

Expertise: K-12 science education, surface chemistry of plastics and polymers, industrial pollution, air pollution, soil contaminants, brownfield cleanups, urban farming


James A. Gardner

SUNY Distinguished Professor of Law

Expertise: election law, constitutional law, federalism, state constitutional law


Gary A. Giovino

Professor and Chair of Community Health and Health Behavior

Expertise: tobacco use, risk factors for nicotine addiction, smoking cessation, effect of exercise and nutrition on smoking cessation


Susan Green

Co-director of the Institute on Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care

Expertise: Trauma, trauma-informed care in organizations and service delivery systems

Phone: 716-645-1249



Alan Hutson

Professor and Chair of Biostatistics

Expertise: statistical analysis


Ia Iashvili

Associate Professor of Physics

Expertise: Higgs boson search, particle detectors, search for supersymmetric particles


Arun Jain

Samuel P. Capen Professor of Marketing Research

Expertise: retail marketing strategy and trends; consumer perception, habits and needs; brand loyalty; coupons; private label groceries; international marketing


Timothy P. Janikowski

Associate Professor, Department of Counseling, School and Educational Psychology

Expertise:counselor education, clinical supervision, counselor competencies, and ethics. Vocational rehabilitation counseling and substance abuse


Heidi Julien

Professor of Library and Information Studies

Expertise: digital literacy, information literacy, information behavior, information practice


Jonathan D. Katz

Associate Professor of Visual Studies

Expertise: queer history, art history, Cold War-era art


Avto Kharchilava

Associate Professor of Physics

Expertise: Higgs boson search, particle detectors, phenomena beyond the Standard Model


Will Kinney

Associate Professor of Physics

Expertise: astronomy, cosmic inflation, accelerating universe, dark matter/dark energy, solar storms, cosmic microwave background physics, public outreach in science


Robin Lally

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Expertise: breast cancer, cancer survivorship, psychosocial oncology


Jenifer Lawrence

Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Administration

Expertise: Grief counseling, clinical implications and treatment of child, adolescent and adult grief and loss, suicide prevention


Charlotte Lindqvist

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

Expertise: evolutionary biology, evolution of polar bears, hybridization of polar bears and brown bears, genomics


John J. Leddy

Director of Concussion Management Clinic

Expertise: concussions, post-concussion syndrome, sports medicine


Teresa A. Miller

Professor of Law

Expertise: prisoners’ rights; immigration laws and their impact on sentencing; the Attica prison riots; video technology in law school classrooms


Valerie Nesset

Associate Professor, Department of Library and Information Studies

Expertise: information behavior, information literacy, usability, organization of information, web portal design, interface design, indexing, abstracting, qualitative research methods


Amanda Nickerson

Director of Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse Prevention

Expertise: school violence, bullying prevention and intervention, parent and peer relationships, assessment and treatment of emotional and behavioral disorders


Jamie Ostrov

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

Expertise: Subtypes of aggression and victimization; developmental psychopathology; media effects on children; peer relationships; applied developmental psychology


Lora Park

Associate Professor of Psychology

Expertise: Self, Self-esteem, motivation, interpersonal processes


Davina Porock

Professor of Nursing

Expertise: End-of-life issues, dementia and person-centered care in the U.S. and the U.K.


Michael J. Poulin

Associate Professor of Psychology

Expertise: Empathy, human generosity, stress, caregiving


Alan Rabideau

Professor of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

Expertise: pollution, groundwater contamination, radioactive and hazardous waste management, mathematical modeling


Pavani Kalluri Ram

Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health

Expertise: public health consequences of natural disasters, handwashing, diarrheal diseases, acute respiratory infections, infectious disease epidemiology, child survival


Thomas Ramming

Clinical Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy

Expertise: K-12 school and district leadership, educational policy, organizational development, human resources, labor relations, collective bargaining, leadership recruitment and development, shared services, inter-district collaboration


Adel Sadek

Professor of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

Expertise: traffic; applying information technology to crash risk, border-crossings, environmental effects, infrastructure and land-use design


David Schmid

Associate Professor of English

Expertise: popular culture, cultural studies, celebrity, crime, manhood, the monstrous, contemporary British and American fiction, American literary and cultural treatments of the city


Mark Seery

Associate Professor of Psychology

Expertise: Stress and coping


Michael F. Sheridan

Professor Emeritus of Geology

Expertise: volcanoes, volcanic eruptions (including pyroclastic flows, avalanches and mud flows), volcanic risk assessment, emergency preparedness near volcanoes


Robert Silverman

Associate Professor of Urban and Regional Planning

Expertise: shrinking cities, fair housing, affordable housing, gentrification, community development, nonprofit organizations, community-based organizations in urban neighborhoods


Mark Swihart

Executive Director of UB's New York State Center of Excellence in Materials Informatics

Expertise: nanotechnology, materials science, chemistry of materials, aerosol science


Nallan Suresh

UB Distinguished Professor and Chair of Operations Management and Strategy

Expertise: global supply networks, supply chain disruptions, U.S. and global manufacturing


Paul Tesluk

Donald S. Carmichael Professor of Organizational Behavior

Expertise: leadership development, work team design and effectiveness, organizational climate and performance


Cristian Tiu

Associate Professor of Finance and Managerial Economics

Expertise: stock market, hedge funds, government bailouts, financial collapses (Peso events), risk management and asset allocation, university endowments, institutional investors


Tom Ulbrich

Executive Director of UB's Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

Expertise: entrepreneurship, small businesses, family businesses, women-owned and minority-owned businesses


Shambhu Upadhyaya

Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

Expertise: cybersecurity, hacking, encryption, cyberattacks


Hilary Weaver

Co-director of the Immigrant and Refugee Research Institute

Expertise: Indigenous populations, Native Americans, refugees and cultural competence in the helping professions


Barbara Wejnert

Associate Professor in the Department of Transnational Studies

Expertise: The spread of democracy since 1800, democratic transitions and sustainability, Eastern European politics and political movements, democracy and inequality in a globalized world


Andrew Whittaker

Director of MCEER, UB's Extreme Events Engineering Research Center

Expertise:earthquake engineering, blast engineering, risk assessment of nuclear power plants


Peter Winkelstein

Executive Director, Institute for Healthcare Informatics

Expertise: Electronic health records, electronic medical records, advanced medical informatics, ethics and informatics, biomedical informatics, genomics and informatics