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Briner, Jason

Associate Professor of Geology


Jason Briner describes the results and significance of his latest Arctic research, which was published in the journal Science.


Areas of expertise: climate change, Arctic glaciers and ice sheets, response of glaciers and ice sheets to climate change

Jason Briner, PhD, is director of the Paleoclimate Lab in the UB Department of Geology. He and his students use glacial and lacustrine records to study climate change in the Arctic. The team’s research has found that ice sheets and glaciers changed size rapidly in response to past temperature changes on Earth. These findings, which have been published in journals including Science and Nature Geoscience, provide a rare glimpse into how ice on Earth responded to climate events in prehistoric times. Briner is a member of the Geological Society of America, American Quaternary Association and American Geophysical Union.

Jason P. Briner, PhD
Associate Professor of Geology
College of Arts and Sciences

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