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Valerie Nesset

Associate Professor of Library and Information Studies


Information behavior, information literacy, usability, organization of information, Web portal design, interface design, indexing, abstracting, qualitative research methods

Valerie Nesset has extensive experience in designing information technologies with children, helping to develop Bonded Design, a model for working together in intergenerational design teams. Through this experience she gained knowledge in the areas of usability, interface design, knowledge organization and system design.

Her current research advances understanding of the intersection of information-seeking behavior and information literacy instruction with an emphasis on process to encourage problem solving and critical thinking, especially among elementary school students.

To achieve this objective, she uses qualitative methods to investigate how young users seek, retrieve, evaluate and use information, regardless of format.  Recently, she has designed a model she calls Beginning, Acting, Telling (BAT) that depicts the research process in a child-friendly and holistic manner; the model has been designed to be used both inside and outside the classroom.


Valerie M. Nesset, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Library and Information Studies
University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education


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