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Teresa A. Miller

Professor of Law


Miller speaks about the Attica prison riots


Portrait of Teresa Miller, UB professor of law, standing in front of a shelf of legal books.

Areas of expertise: Prisoners’ rights; immigration laws and their impact on sentencing; the Attica prison riots; video technology in law school classrooms

Teresa A. Miller, JD, studies the impact maximum-security prisons have on guards and those imprisoned, researching her theory that career correctional officers, administrators and civilian employees “do time” and adjust to life in maximum security environments in similar ways to inmates. These adjustments include the effects of living in a racially polarized setting with severe disparities in power. Miller produced and directed the documentary digital film “Four Myths About Attica,” which premiered at a conference marking the 40 year anniversary of the historic prison riots. Miller organized the conference, which brought inmates and prison guard survivors together for the first time since the country’s bloodiest prison uprising. Miller posits that both inmates and prison staff must live with a legacy of prison riots that irreversibly altered the landscape and culture of the modern corrections environment.


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