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Ming Ming Chiu

Professor of Learning and Instruction


Classroom conversations, parent-child conversations, group work, international comparisons of students, corruption in the music industry, statistical analyses in education

Ming Ming Chiu has invented two statistics methods (multi-level diffusion analysis [MDA] and statistical discourse analysis [SDA]). Using MDA, he showed how to detect a type of corruption in the music industry (payola). Using SDA, he tests models of classroom conversations.

Chiu also engages in large-scale international comparisons of over a million students in 65 countries, focusing on inequality and student learning.

Supported by 22 grants totaling over $4 million, Chiu's work has been disseminated through 126 publications (including 69 refereed journal articles), three television broadcasts, an Internet video, 15 radio broadcasts, and 146 news articles in 20 countries and regions. He earned degrees from Columbia (BS, computer science), Harvard (MEd, interactive technology), and UC Berkeley (PhD, mathematics education), as well as a National Academy of Education post-doctoral fellowship and a Young Researcher award.


Ming Ming Chiu, PhD
Professor of Learning and Instruction
University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education

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