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Deborah Waldrop

Professor of Social Work
University at Buffalo School of Social Work


Hospice, aging, end-of-life decision-making, caregiving, grief

Deborah Waldrop is an expert on end-of-life care and decision-making.

She can speak to the media about topics related to aging and the end of life. Her research has focused on end-of-life care, including on hospice and health care; emergency decision-making at life’s end; and the knowledge, attitudes and beliefs that people have about health care and hospice enrollment decisions. She can also discuss loss, grief and caregiver bereavement.

Waldrop first became engaged with hospice as a PhD candidate conducting clinical social work. Hospice was a new concept at the time, and she found the work to be extremely meaningful. Today, as a professor, she says that, "I’m firmly committed to teaching my students how to have this conversation with people about what they want, how to approach difficult topics, and to recognize the universal human right to a good death."


Deborah Waldrop, PhD
Professor of Social Work
University at Buffalo School of Social Work