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Charlotte Lindqvist

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences


Evolutionary biology, evolution of polar bears, hybridization of polar bears and brown bears, genomics

Charlotte Lindqvist is an evolutionary biologist. Her research uses genomics to understand speciation processes, polyploidy events and hybridization in both animals and plants.

She is an expert on the evolution of the polar bear, having co-led an international effort to sequence the genomes of the polar bear and brown bear. That study, published in 2012, suggested that polar bear numbers waxed and waned with climate change, and found that the species may be much older than previously known.

Today, Lindqvist continues using genomic techniques to study the polar bear, with the goal of identifying genetic adaptations that help the animal survive brutal Arctic winters.


Charlotte Lindqvist, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences


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