Women's and Gender Studies Caucus Nominations (Deadline May 15, 2020)

Please email nominations for any of these positions by May 15 to the WGSC secretary Forrest Johnson, Secretary, Board Representative, and Social Media Representative.

All nominated candidates should email a statement (no more than 350 words) to include on the election ballot.

If you would like to nominate someone else, please notify that person to have them submit their statement by the May 15 deadline.

After the deadline, an online election will take place.

Officer descriptions and duties are here.

Post-convention Survey

This NeMLA Survey form asks "How are we doing? Please write your feedback here and drop this off at Registration." The response: "NeMLA's reputation as the friendliest conference is so true! Thanks!".

How are we doing? Fill out our post-convention survey here to let us know how you enjoyed our 51st Annual Convention in Boston! And look forward to another survey opening in March 2020 after our 52nd Annual Convention in Philadelphia!

NeMLA 2021 Board Nominations (Deadline Aug 15, 2020)

The success of NeMLA depends on an engaged volunteer Board. These roles provide an opportunity to shape the annual convention as well as NeMLA's contribution to the profession. Positions on the Board are staggered, so each year different roles become available.

Nominations for May 2021 board openings can be submitted starting March 2020 and are due August 15, 2020. To submit nominations, or for more information about positions or the nominating process, please email

Open positions accepting nominations include:

NeMLA Members: Vote for 2021 Board Candidates

A central part of our organization's ability to provide a meaningful scholarly community for our members and constituents depends on electing NeMLA Board Representatives. A membership vote for all May 2021 Board positions takes place online.

NeMLA members: Starting December 2020, read bios and statements for May 2021 Board candidates. An online link to vote will be shared in December.

All newly elected May 2021 Board members begin their term at the Sunday brunch on the last day of the NeMLA convention.