Election for Women's and Gender Studies Caucus (Vote by the extended deadline Aug 17)

There are two open positions in the Women's and Gender Studies Caucus for Secretary and Board Representative. Vote by the new extended deadline, August 17.

Secretary is a rolling position, and duties include:

  • recording all minutes of WGSC meetings and submitting them for approval
  • corresponding with all current members about upcoming elections; creating and holding online elections via survey monkey
  • acting as a liaison between the Women’s and Gender Studies Caucus and the webmaster to maintain accurate and up-to-date caucus information on the website
  • selecting, designing, submitting, and overseeing the coordination of the caucus-sponsored panel for the next convention
  • and supporting the Vice President with the mentorship program
  • drafting pre and post convention newsletters

Board Representative is a three-year position, and duties include:

  • working closely with other board members to support the NeMLA executive
  • serving as the direct liaison between the WGS caucus and the NeMLA board
  • overseeing the convention program in the area of WGS and works with other area directors to ensure that the program is balanced and meets the membership’s needs; this involves vetting the WGS panel proposals in early April/May of each year, adding board-sponsored panels in areas that require it, liaising with area chairs as required during the time leading up the convention
  • preparing the WGSC flyer for the convention that lists area sessions and events of interest to the WGSC membership
  • participates in two board meetings a year: one in the fall and the other at the convention before it official starts
  • prepares a board report for each board meeting, in consultation with the WGS Caucus president, and also writes an additional caucus report in the late spring if required
  • serves on the WGS Caucus Essay Prize Award committee, reading and ranking submissions, and on any ad-hoc board committees as desired/needed

Candidates' bios and statements are here. Vote here. If you have any questions, please email

NeMLA Board Elections (Vote by Feb 15)

A central part of our organization's ability to provide a meaningful scholarly community for our members and constituents depends on electing NeMLA Board Representatives. Open positions for May 2019 include: 

Descriptions for positions are available here.

Membership vote occurs electronically from December 1, 2018, to February 15, 2019, 11:59 PM Eastern. Newly elected board members begin their term at the Sunday brunch on the last day of the NeMLA convention.

Candidates' biographies and statements of purpose will be available by December 2018. For more information, please email

2018 Pittsburgh Post-convention Survey

2018 convention survey

How was the 2018 convention in Pittsburgh? How can we improve? What is missing you would like to see added? What are we doing well, and which new additions did you see this year that we should continue at the 50th anniversary convention in Washington, DC?

Please fill out our online survey!

Survey: Local D.C. Activities

To best address the desires of our members, we would appreciate your input on which local Washington, D.C. activities you want to see NeMLA sponsor for our 50th Anniversary Convention. This sponsorship would allow our members to enjoy what D.C. has to offer, with cost of admission discounted for you thanks to NeMLA's sponsorship.

Descriptions of activities will be available here. A link to vote online will be available by October 2018.

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