Session proposals for our 52nd Annual Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, may be submitted February 28, 2020, to April 29, 2020.

Format Requirements

  • Each session proposal must include:
    • A title (80 characters, including spaces)
    • A session format (choices: panel, roundtable, seminar, creative, workshop, poster presentation)
    • A primary subject area and an optional secondary subject area (choices include current Areas of Inquiry as well as Canadian, Russian, non-European languages, Rhetoric & Composition, and Interdisciplinary Humanities)
    • The name of your co-chair
    • An abstract, including a statement of the significance of the proposed session (200 to 300 words)
    • A description to appear in the online call for papers at CFP List and in the NeMLA Summer Newsletter (no more than 100 words). Do not include the session title, deadline, any contact information, or length of abstracts. You may list the preferred language for abstracts.
    • Additional comments (optional; will not be published in CFP List and are visible to only chairs and NeMLA staff)
  • The submission page allows text to be put into italics. Please proofread proposals to add italics where needed.