Women's History Scavenger Hunt

Explore Pittsburgh, learn about women's history, and win prizes!

In partnership with Women's Independent Press, NeMLA's Women's and Gender Studies Caucus and Diversity Committee will host a Women's History Scavenger Hunt during the convention. Search for locations solo or team up with other NeMLA attendees. When you find a location, take a selfie! 

See below for rules and clues to get you started.


  • Before you arrive in Pittsburgh, please use the clues below to determine the name of each woman to complete the virtual online scavenger hunt.
  • When you arrive in Pittsburgh, visit the addresses listed with each clue below.
  • Whoever takes the most selfies at the largest number of locations below wins a prize. The winner will be announced at our free Sunday membership brunch.


  1. She was the Apple of the National Negro Opera
    7101 Apple Street
  2. She is with you "In Sisterhood on Highland," so rub this "Jeanne" to uphold your rights
    121 N Highland Ave Ste 333
  3. Spring is sometimes "Silent as the Woodlawn" creatures stop at café Rachel
    1 Woodlawn Rd.
  4. Molly loves Merton on Penn
    5129 Penn Ave
  5. Common knowledge that Girls love her and perps fear her
    711 West Commons St
  6. Don’t hide, she can roc on and find you on Western
    1203 Western Avenue
  7. Eleanor weathered the storm on Ft Duquesne Blvd
    KDKA 420 Ft Duquesne Blvd
  8. She was first of her kind to govern on Grant Street
    414 Grant Street
  9. Wen has your fortune on Third Street
    520 Third Street
  10. Dot your I’s and hand out your cards to this pioneer in networking at How’s Your Plan?
    HYP Club, 619 Wm Penn Place, downtown meeting place for the Women's Business Network
  11. Her keys are resting on Smallman Street
    Back of the Heinz History Center on Penn
  12. This Fox is standing on Freedom to fight for your rights
    Freedom Corner, corner of Center and Crawford Avenue
  13. There is Passion with a cupple on Carson
    Cupples Stadium
  14. Hazel was a courier on Carson
    315 E. Carson Street