NeMLA Reads Together

NeMLA is excited to launch our new initiative “NeMLA Reads Together,” in which we will promote a novel written by our opening night speaker, an author from our host city. The speaker will be interviewed by a NeMLA member before a live audience, and the transcript of this interview will be considered by publication by NeMLA's journal Modern Language Studies

Stewart O'Nan, "West of Sunset"

NeMLA's 2018 Pittsburgh conference will kick off on April 12, 2018, with an interactive and dynamic live interview of our esteemed guest author. Our opening night creative writer will be Pittsburgh’s very own Stewart O’Nan, author of 17 novels, named one of America’s Best Young Novelists by Granta. O’Nan’s novel West of Sunset (2015) will be the focus of "NeMLA Reads Together." A work of biofiction about United States writer F. Scott Fitzgerald, West of Sunset has been referred to affectionately by O’Nan as “My Scott.”

NeMLA members are encouraged to read the novel in preparation for the opening address and to submit a question they would like to ask the author.

Questions must be received at by January 1, 2018.

Apply to Interview Our Author!

Credit: Beth Navarro

We invite graduate student members, CAITY members, and early career faculty members to apply to interview O’Nan on stage. The interview will be recorded and a transcript of it will be submitted to NeMLA’s journal Modern Language Studies for potential publication. 

To apply for the chance to interview O’Nan, please send a cover letter detailing your interest, making sure to link the book to the conference theme, "Global Spaces, Local Landscapes and Imagined Worlds," and attach a sample set of 15 to 20 potential questions for O’Nan.

Applications are due at by September 30, 2017.