Exhibit and Advertise at NeMLA


We encourage local, national, and international publishers and presses, academic institutions, and scholarly organizations to take advantage of our exhibitor and advertising opportunities.

NeMLA typically welcomes around 2,000 higher education professionals from the northeastern U.S. and Canada as well as from across the pond to attend over 450 sessions. Topics range from British, American, German, French, Italian, and Hispanic literatures and cultures to media and film studies, women's, gender, and queer studies, race and critical theory, and the environmental humanities.  


Why Exhibit at NeMLA?

  • Our virtual event Platform has an Exhibitor Hub that will:
    • Increase booth traffic with fun event or passport contests (attendees receive a digital stamp from each participating booth they visit and those who collect every stamp are entered into a prize draw)
    • Promote your booths with ready-made social media images that are stylishly branded with each exhibitor’s information
    • Boost your visibility with in-app giveaways and a custom profile (set up promotional offers in the form of custom mobile coupons, raffles, and giveaways)
    • Manage leads more easily by adding booth staff to the app to help capture even more leads
    • Get a higher ROI without spending more money
  • NeMLA organizers will help identify relevant sessions and customers
  • Returning exhibitors enjoy a 10% discount
  • NeMLA features exhibitor information in the program, in the newsletter, and online
  • NeMLA organizers consult with exhibitors about books that will be relevant to our special events, conference theme, and workshops
  • Exhibitors can present at the convention at a discounted membership and registration rate
  • Exhibitors have the opportunity to propose and organize workshops on publishing
  • Recent exhibitors have included:
Graduate Student Caucus President Dana Gavin holds up books purchased at the 51st Annual Convention Exhibit Hall in Boston.

Amherst College Press
Broadview Press
Clemson University Press
Intellect Books
Lexington Books
Michigan State University Press
Modern Language Association
Penn State University Press
Penguin Group
The Scholar's Choice
Universitas Press

Registration deadline: February 5, 2021
To register, use username: vendor, password: nemla15

Exhibitor Pricing


The Scholar's Choice

The Northeast Modern Language Association arranges with The Scholar’s Choice to manage the combined book exhibit for our annual conference. Publishers who are unable to attend but wish to have a few titles exhibited can contact The Scholar's Choice. Individual members who wish to have their recently published books on display should have their publishers contact The Scholar's Choice as well.

Mary Lynn Howe, Exhibits Manager
The Scholar’s Choice
6300 West Port Bay Road, Suite 101
Wolcott, NY  14590
(315) 905-4208

Formatting for Advertisements

For the convention program
  • 5.5” x 8.5” (Portrait) @ 300 dpi
  • PDF format
  • Full bleed
  • Black and white only
For Modern Language Studies
  • 5.5 x 8.5 inches at 300 dpi
  • PDF, TIF, EPS, or AI (with type in outlines) 
  • Full Bleed (ideally, designer will pull bleeds to 1/8 inch beyond trim marks) 
  • Black and white only
  • Perfect binding (ideally, the designer will leave generous margins in the design)

Exhibitor-sponsored Workshops!

Do you have an author with a forthcoming book or professionalization insights for prospective authors you would like to promote? Exhibitors have the opportunity to offer workshops at the NeMLA convention. Space is limited, and exhibitors who sign up after November 1, may be asked to share a workshop. For more information, please email Claire Sommers, Promotions Coordinator.

Workshops Offered at the 2020 Convention:

  • "Shakespearean Cultures: Latin America," featuring João Cezar de Castro Rocha, organized by Michigan State University Press
  • "Intellect's Publishing Bootcamp – Academic Presses: Tips and Strategies," organized by Intellect Books
  • "Supporting Your Class and You: Making Materials Compatible and Marketable with OER," organized by LectureSource, Inc
  • "Pitch to Publication: A Roundtable with Convention Exhibitors," organized by Clemson University Press and featuring exhibitors from additional presses

Workshops Offered at the 2019 Convention:

  • "Don't Take Grants for Granted: How to Pitch Research and Apply for Funding," organized by the Joint National Committee for Languages
  • "Introduction to Literature: Teaching a First-year Course," organized by Universitas Press
  • "Skip the Textbook! Open Resource Texts and Readings," organized by LectureSource
  • "The Foreign Language Enrollment Solution Room: From Data to Aspiration," organized by the Modern Language Association

Future Conventions

52nd Annual and 1st Virtual Convention

March 11-14, 2021
Co-sponsored by the University at Buffalo and the University of Pennsylvania

53rd Annual Convention

March 10-13, 2022
Baltimore, Maryland
Local Sponsor: Johns Hopkins University
Hotel: Baltimore Marriott Waterfront


Please feel free to contact NeMLA’s Exhibitor Fellow at nemla.exhibit@gmail.com with any questions concerning the convention or registration process, or to receive the returning exhibitor 10% discount code.