NeMLA Convention Presenter Policies

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Membership Payment and Session Policies

  • Once you have confirmed your status as a panelist, you must pay for NeMLA annual membership and convention registration by December 9 to present at the convention. Payment can be completed in your online account. A late fee of $25 will be added to convention registration after December 9, 11:59 PM Eastern. After January 5, 11:59 PM Eastern, the late fee is $50.
  • Registrants at NeMLA can participate in only one session of each type. If your abstract has been accepted to multiple panels, please confirm with all chairs regarding your decision to participate. 
  • Although paper panels exist in two varieties, traditional format and seminar format, both are treated as the same type of session, and thus it is impermissible to present a paper as part of both.  It is permissible, however, to present a paper and also participate in a roundtable, workshop, creative, and/or poster session. Familiarize yourself with the types of sessions here.

Audiovisual Requests and Wireless Internet

  • If you intend to use audiovisual media during your presentation, you must indicate this when you submit your paper abstract online. NeMLA strongly suggests that panelists not request media when handouts can work as well. 
  • Audiovisual equipment available for sessions include projectors, projector screens, and VGA cables. 
  • Presenters must provide their own computers that can be connected via VGA to the projector. If you have an Apple laptop or other device that requires a VGA adapter, please bring that projector adapter to the convention with you.
  • Computer speakers, audio cables, projector slide advancer remotes, and other technology may be available, only if requested in an email sent to
  • While NeMLA makes all efforts possible to provide wireless Internet at its annual convention, it is not always possible. Participants should anticipate Internet will not be provided by the convention site. Participants are welcome to use their mobile device for Internet, including as a mobile hotspot/wireless router tether. Internet is frequently available in the hotel room for NeMLA convention attendees who book at the convention's hotel, and often for free but only if attendees have signed up for the hotel's rewards or loyalty program prior to the first day of their stay.


  • NeMLA does not allow papers to be read in absentia, via webcam, or other telecommunication regardless of the circumstances. Panelists should inform their chair as soon as possible if they intend to withdraw. If chairs themselves are not able to attend, it is their responsibility to find someone else to chair the session and to email of the change.
  • Registration fees may be refunded if the convention participant notifies their chair and the Administrative Coordinator at of their need to withdraw from the program but only before the convention program is printed. Membership fees are non-refundable.

Certificates of Attendance and Participation

Many universities, colleges, and other institutions require their faculty and staff presenting at conferences to submit paperwork confirming attendance and participation towards reimbursement, paperwork, and other purposes. NeMLA provides Certificates of Attendance and/or Participation by request only, and only after the completion of the convention. 

To request a signed Certificate of Attendance and/or Participation on NeMLA letterhead, please email the following information, as applicable, to your name, the title(s) of your presentation(s) and the name(s) of the session(s) in which you presented, and the date(s) of your presentation(s).

If you have additional paperwork for NeMLA Directors and Staff to sign, please email a digital copy to, or give a hard copy of this paperwork with your contact information to NeMLA Staff at the registration table. In some cases, paperwork can be picked up at the registration table by the last day of the convention. In all other cases, paperwork will be mailed, faxed, or emailed, per your request.


  • If you have any questions about NeMLA Convention Participant Policies, please email