Book and Essay Awards

Qualifying NeMLA members are invited to submit to the Book Award and Caucus Essay Awards. Instructions for the Book Award are available here. Criteria for Caucus Essay Awards are below, with additional rules for individual Essay Awards linked above.

Caucus Essay Awards

Unless otherwise indicated in the links above, submitted essays should be between 6,000 and 9,000 words (there is a 10,000-word limit, notes and works cited included). All essays are to be revised and expanded from original papers presented at the previous NeMLA convention. Unrevised paper presentations are not accepted and will be returned. Submissions should be written in or translated into English. 

Submissions must be submitted electronically as two separate Microsoft Word document files attached to the email: (1) a cover sheet and (2) the essay. A separate cover sheet must include the essay's title with the author's name, address, and academic affiliation. The essay's title must appear on both the cover sheet and on top of the essay itself. Submissions not meeting these criteria may not be considered for an award.

Unless otherwise indicated, each Caucus Essay Award offers a $100 cash award, and prize-winning essays will automatically be considered for publication by Modern Language Studies. All essays are subject to MLS's double-blind review. 

For full information, visit the individual caucuses' web pages.