British / Anglophone Studies

This area of inquiry promotes the study of literary and cultural relations embodied in works by authors from Great Britain and across the Anglophone world.

NeMLA welcomes panels on all areas of Anglophone and British literature. We have a separate area devoted to Anglophone/American literature because these two areas have historically received a high volume of panel proposal submissions. These individual designations are primarily logistical in that they help the Area Directors divide up the work for vetting proposal submissions.

Anglophone Studies

NeMLA welcomes panel proposal submissions in the following Anglophone literatures:

  • African Literatures in English
  • Asian Literatures in English (including those from the Middle East, Central Asia and Far East)
  • Australian Literature
  • Caribbean Literatures in English
  • Global Englishes
  • Irish Literature
  • New Zealand Literature
  • Scottish Literature
  • South African Literature
  • South Asian Literature in English
  • Transatlantic Studies

Help Us Improve

If there is an Anglophone literature we are not listing, let us know and we will include it on our webpage. More importantly, submit a proposal for that area. Alternately, you might also consider consulting the Comparative Literature page to determine if this is a better fit.

Areas of Strength

We are usually well represented in the following Anglophone literatures and welcome more proposal submissions every year:

  • South Asian literatures in English
  • Literature by African diaspora
  • Australian literature
  • South African Literature
  • Transatlantic Studies

Areas for Future Growth

We would like to see more submissions in the following:

  • Asian literatures in English, other than those from South Asia
  • Irish Literature
  • New Zealand Literatures
  • Scottish Literature

Anglophone Literature But Not Anglophone Film or Anglophone Culture?

We are emphasizing literature here because NeMLA has a separate area for Cultural Studies and Media Studies. We do welcome panels on the various Anglophone cultures, but we would ask that you decide whether your panel proposal would fit better under Cultural Studies or Literature and submit accordingly. You have the option of selecting a secondary area for cross-listing purposes. Please be aware that depending on the range of submissions in a given year, we may re-categorize your submission from a primary listing in Anglophone literature to a primary listing in Culture and New Media, especially if we think it will enable the panel to go and/or to receive adequate paper submissions.

Growing Pains

Our conference has of necessity become more competitive in recent years, as we have had more submissions than the conference can handle. At the same time, we are committed to developing submissions in under-represented areas within Anglophone Literatures and British literature. While we cannot guarantee acceptance of any panel proposal, and while all proposals are assessed for the quality of the proposal, a major factor we take into consideration is whether or not the panel would help an under-represented area grow. Therefore, you might consider proposing a panel in one of Anglophone literatures listed above or, for British, in one of the under-represented areas listed below.

British Studies

NeMLA welcomes panel proposal submission in every period and genre of British literature.

Areas of Strength

We are usually well represented in the following:

  • Shakespeare
  • Romantic Period
  • Victorian Era
  • Contemporary Period
  • Fiction
  • Postcolonial Writings

Areas for Future Growth

We would like to see more submissions in the following:

  • Anglo-Saxon Period
  • Medieval literature
  • Elizabethan literature other than Shakespeare
  • Modern and Contemporary Drama
  • Poetry
  • Colonial literature

We are your representatives. If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact the current Area Directors.

Area Director

Elaine Savory <>
Literary Studies, The New School