NeMLA Statement on Executive Orders on Immigration


We, the Executive Board of NeMLA, declare that we stand together with refugees and immigrants from all corners of the globe. In the face of growing and bold anti-immigration and anti-Muslim rhetoric and an Executive Order banning refugees from seven Muslim majority countries to the United States, we solidly affirm the need to foster peace, diplomacy and, above all, deep mutual understanding and respect among diverse peoples. We respect the rule of law, but we cannot and will not tolerate the targeting of any human being because of their nation of origin, the religion they practice, their ethnicity, race or the language(s) they speak. We declare: no human being is illegal.


We as scholars, professors and researchers denounce anti-democratic pronouncements that go against the very moral and ethical founding of the United States, and we stand firm with our colleagues, our students and all of our brothers and sisters in the global community who strive for unity over division.


In consideration of those affected by the travel ban, NeMLA is taking the following steps:


1.     Implementing a provisional policy for allowing those affected by the ban to present their papers in absentia. For reasons central to the discussion and exchange that are the hallmark of a lively NeMLA session, our policy is to not allow papers read in absentia. We will make an exception for those presenters impacted.


2.     NeMLA Executive Board officers will introduce an open forum in which attendees can discuss, respond to, contextualize, and strategize about the recent Executive Orders on immigration. This special Roundtable Discussion, titled “NeMLA Forum on the Executive Orders on Immigration,” will take place on Saturday, March 25, at 4:45 PM in Grand Ballroom VI.


We welcome your thoughts and contributions on these issues as we prepare for our 2017 Convention.


In solidarity and peace,

Hilda Chacón, NeMLA President

María DiFrancesco, NeMLA Vice President

Simona Wright, NeMLA Second Vice President

Ben Railton, NeMLA Past President

Carine Mardorossian, NeMLA Executive Director

Brandi So, NeMLA Associate Executive Director