Allied Organizations

Sessions Held at Annual Convention


  • Race, Class, and Environment in 19th- and Early 20th-century Literature (ASLE session)
  • Ability as Identity, Identity as Ability (Society for Critical Exchange session)
  • (Post)Colonialism in the Female Gaze (Women in French session)
  • Récits de voyage au féminin (Women in French session)


  • Charles Dickens: Lessons Imparted and Lessons Learned (Dickens Society session) 
  • Contemporary Francophone African Women Writers Making Their World (Women in French session) 
  • Crimes, Investigations, Trials, and Punishments in Nabokov’s Fiction (International Vladimir Nabokov Society session) 
  • Edgar Allan Poe and Race (Poe Studies Association session) 
  • Edwidge Danticat: Revamping Home and Identity (Edwidge Danticat Society session) 
  • Energy, Byproducts, and Space in Literature and Other Arts (ASLE session) 
  • Global Spaces, Local Landscapes and Imagined Worlds (Feministas Unidas session)
  • 'Nevertheless, they persisted': The Aesthetics of Resistance (Women in German session) 
  • Vonnegut, Twentieth-century American Authors, and (Re)imagined Spaces (Kurt Vonnegut Society session) 
  • Women and/in Storytelling in Early Modern France (Women in French session)


  • William Morris and Victorian Radicalism (William Morris Society session)
  • Ni féministes, ni soumises I: Female identity in the banlieue (Women in French session)
  • Le Sexe avant la lettre (Women in French session)
  • Feminist Approaches to/in German Studies: Inclusivity and Sustainability (Women in German session) 


  • Climate Change Pedagogy: Literature, Arts, Interdisciplinarity, Action (ASLE session)
  • Global Dickens (Dickens Society session)
  • (Re)presentations of the Present (Society for Critical Exchange session)
  • Assia Djebar's Legacy (Women in French session)
  • Le là d’où je viens, with novelist and filmmaker Fabienne Kanor (Women in French session)


  • Waste Matters: Environmental Pollution and Materiality (ASLE session)
  • New Directions in Dickens Scholarship (Dickens Society session)
  • 21st-century Tunisian Women Writers' Literary Production (Women in French session)
  • Disability as a Social Phenomenon (Women in French session)


  • Romantic Science (ASLE session)


  • Rebelles, mécréantes et criminelles dans la littérature francophone I (Women in French session)
  • Rebelles, mécréantes et criminelles dans la littérature francophone II (Women in French session)


  • Alternative Ethics (Society for Critical Exchange session)


  • Ecocriticism and/as Interdisciplinarity (ASLE session)
  • Interrogating the Natural (Society for Critical Exchange session)


  • Critical Fidelity (Society for Critical Exchange session)