Board Membership Openings

The success of NeMLA depends on an engaged volunteer Board. These roles provide an opportunity to shape the annual convention as well as NeMLA's contribution to the profession. Positions on the Board are staggered, so each year different roles become available.

Nominations are due August 15 the year before the May term begins. Self-nominations are welcome.

Board Duties

Responsibilities for all Board members:

  • 2 meetings per year: 1 in the fall (held as a virtual online meeting), 1 on the Thursday morning of the annual convention before its official afternoon start at the convention's hotel.
  • For these meetings, each Board member is required to write a report on the activities related to their particular position.
  • Enforce all of NeMLA's bylaws.

Specific Responsibilities

The Second Vice President serves on the Board for 4 years, in progressive positions. The Second Vice President chairs the Fellowship Committee, whose deadline is at the beginning of February each year. The Second Vice President also assists the President by performing duties assigned and, when necessary, assumes the duties and responsibilities of the President. The VPs share with the President and the Executive Director responsibility for the annual convention. With the assistance of the Vice Presidents, and the advice of the Board, the President and the Executive Director plan the annual convention.

The Second Vice President is also responsible for negotiating an agreement with a higher education host institution for the NeMLA convention that will take place on the year they will be the acting President. A new Second Vice President is elected every year to the NeMLA Board.

Please contact the Executive Director ​for details about this position of Second Vice President.

Area Directors represent the interests of the membership as a whole as well as of their particular Area constituency. They oversee the convention program for their particular Area, including the suggestion of Board-sponsored sessions, and work to help the Executive find speakers and other programs. In addition to the convention program committee, they may also be requested to serve on the Board's various other committees. Area Director nominations are staggered.

Caucus Directors elections have separate deadlines and nomination processes. For deadlines to nominate and vote, please refer to each Caucus's web page.

How to Nominate

Nominations are due via email at by August 15 the year before the May term begins. Self-nominations are welcome. 

NeMLA's Nominating Committee will consider all nominations and self-nominations, then pick the two most qualified candidates in the slate to put up for a membership vote, based on the candidates' experience, statements, and years of involvement with NeMLA. 

Furthermore, those interested in running for Second Vice President must seek their institution’s sponsorship prior to being considered for the position. For more information, please contact the Executive Director.

For more information about positions or the nominating process, please email

How to Vote

NeMLA Members can vote online for open positions each year starting in December.

Openings in May 2021

Openings in May 2022