Apply to Participate in the NAVIGATE Project



The NAVIGATE Project is a free skills-based program that uses the case study method for training female graduate students in STEM disciplines to develop the skills necessary to:

  • recognize gender bias, inequity and discrimination when encountered, and
  • act to overcome career adversity created by gender bias, inequity and discrimination without derailing their careers, 

with the goal of improving persistence and advancement of women in STEM careers nationwide.


Eligibility is limited to female graduate students in STEM disciplines at the University at Buffalo who will graduate in 2020 or later. All STEM fields supported by NSF are included in the program. In addition to the science and engineering disciplines, this includes the learning, social, behavioral, and economic sciences.

Program Highlights

  • Free, three-day retreat with invited speakers and case studies designed to grow the participants' abilities to overcome gender-related career obstacles. Learn more.
  • Free, one-day workshop with invited prominent speaker and additional case study training sessions.
  • Social media discussions on relevant news articles, case studies, and women in STEM success stories.