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Infrastructure and Public Policy

This thrust area is focused on advancing intelligent renewal of critical infrastructure components and systems including transportation, electrical power and water delivery through structural engineering and multidisciplinary efforts. Particular emphasis is given to infrastructure resilience to earthquakes and other extreme hazard load effects.


Bridges and Highways

  • Full-Scale Experimentation of Bridges (NYS/UB/Calspan project)
  • Innovative Technologies and Their Applications to Enhance the Seismic Performance of Highway Bridges: Precast, Segmental Bridges for Accelerated Bridge Construction in Seismic Regions (FHWA)
  • Principles of Multiple Hazard Design for Highway Bridges (FHWA)
  • Investigation of Cascading Effects of the 2011 Japan Earthquake to Structural Damage of Bridges (NSF)
  • Development and Validation of Multi-Hazard Bridge Pier Concepts (ACE/ERDC)
  • Resilient Bridges (Caltrans)
  • Collaborative Research to Advance Scientific Knowledge of the Mechanism of Corrosion in Civil Infrastructures (SUNY/RF Research Collaboration Fund)
  • Post Earthquake Bridge Inspection Procedures (NYSDOT)


  • Improved Seismic Performance of Transformer Bushings (CEC/BPA)
  • Evaluation and Improvement of Substation Equipment: Transformers (CEC/BPA)
  • Earthquake Response and Rehabilitation of Critical Lifelines (NEESR-CR/NSF)

Transportation Systems

  • Using TRANSIMS for On-line Transportation System Management during Emergencies (FHWA)
  • An Evaluation of Likely Environmental Benefits of Lowest Fuel Consumption Route Guidance in the Buffalo-Niagara Metropolitan Area (FHWA)
  • Addressing Design and Human Factors Challenges in Cyber-Transportation Systems (NSF)