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Graduate School of Education Dean Search On-campus Visits Announced: May 1, 2013

Published May 1, 2013

To: All UB Employees

From: Michael L. Glick, Dean of the School of Dental Medicine, and Chair of the Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Dean Search Committee

Robert G. Shibley, Dean of the School of Architecture and Planning, and Chair of the Graduate School of Education Dean Search Committee

Dear UB colleagues,

On behalf of the search committees for the positions of dean of the Graduate School of Education and dean of the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, we thank you for your interest in these leadership searches. The searches for both deanships are advancing to the next phase of on-campus visits by finalists for the positions.            

Each of these searches attracted a very distinguished and accomplished candidate pool from across the nation. Following the file review process and confidential off-site interviews with the most promising candidates, each search committee has invited four outstanding candidates to participate in more extensive on-campus visits. During campus visits, the candidates will have the opportunity to meet with many of UB’s senior leaders, faculty, staff, students, alumni and volunteers. The finalists for the dean of the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences will visit campus during the week of May 6, and the finalists for the dean of the Graduate School of Education will visit during the weeks of May 6 and May 13. Each candidate will participate in an open forum at which all members of the extended university community are welcome.

Finalists’ names, vitae, and schedules for the public forums will be available by 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 2 at the respective search websites for the Graduate School of Education and the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. We strongly encourage members of the campus community to attend these sessions to learn more about the finalists and to engage in conversation with them about the future of UB. Your participation also assists our efforts to recruit the very best new deans by demonstrating that the UB community is genuinely invested in the search for its academic leadership.

Search committees seeks campus input

The search committees will convene quickly after the on-campus visits to prepare their summary reports on the finalists for UB’s senior leadership who will make the final decision on the appointments for the two dean positions. The search committees invite your feedback about the finalists for the dean positions. Your input will be treated confidentially; your name will not be associated with your specific comments when reviewed by the search committees. Please direct any input by email as follows: (Please provide input by Monday, May 13 to ensure timely consideration.) (Please provide input by Wednesday, May 15 to ensure timely consideration.)

We are genuinely appreciative of your interest in these searches, especially at this very busy conclusion of the semester. Thank you in advance to everyone who will participate in the searches by attending the candidate sessions and offering feedback to the search committees.