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Photo of a birthday cake.

It’s a quasquicentennial, but don’t let the Latin trip you up. SUNY Buffalo Law School is celebrating the 125 anniversary of its founding in plain English – with an extended series of events for alumni, faculty, students and friends of New York State’s only law school in the SUNY system. | Watch a video of the party highlights | Check out photos from our Kick-Off Celebration

Photo of a man gesturing during a Mitchell lecture.

How has the work of SUNY Buffalo Law School scholars changed the rarefied intellectual world of legal scholarship? For an appraisal, we turned to the eminent legal historians already in-house who compiled a list of 10 events and movements that have made a difference. | Read More



Photo of Hon. Charles Daniels.

From Hon. Charles Daniels, a working New York State Supreme Court judge, to Makau Mutua, an international leader in human rights, SUNY Buffalo Law School has been led by some of the greatest legal minds in history. | Read More

125 years of innovation
Statue of Contemplation of the Justice, which flanks the steps of the Supreme Courthouse in Washington D.C.
A Year of Celebration

SUNY Buffalo Law School is celebrating the 125th anniversary of its founding with an extended series of events for alumni, faculty, students and friends of New York State's only law school in the SUNY system.

Over a century and a quarter, a long parade of distinguished teachers have brought both wisdom and knowledge to their students at what is now SUNY Buffalo Law School. Many have riveting life stories – experiences that intersected with their teaching and scholarship in sometimes surprising ways. | Read More

The Edwin F. Jaeckle Award is the highest honor the Law School and its Law Alumni Association can bestow. These men and women have exemplified the highest ideals of the Law School and been recognized for their significant contributions to the school and the legal profession. | Read More

Dean Makau W. Mutua has said it repeatedly and emphatically: SUNY Buffalo Law School must “look like America.” The goal is simple but never easy – to identify and recruit academically promising students and accomplished faculty of color, and to take advantage of the cultural and academic richness that a diverse population provides. | Read More

Photo of Cecil B. Weiner and Helen Z. M. Rodgers, first UB Law school women graduates.

In the beginning, men dominated the bench and bar. Only with the advent of the women’s liberation movement in the 1970s did the Law School see more than a handful of women in any one class. But a look back shows that accomplished and pioneering women have been the rule, not the exception, at Buffalo’s Law School.  | Read More

A history of SUNY Buffalo law School