ISTL researchers Dr. Sean Wu, Dr. Chunming Qiao, Dr. Adel Sadek and Dr. Kevin Hulme were recently awarded funding from the National Science Foundation for Modeling Cyber Transportation and Human Interaction in Connected and Automated Vehicle.

The main research goal of this work is to construct an innovative computational cyber transportation-human framework (CTHI) that: a) quantifies the effects of design parameters of a Cyber Transportation System (CTS) on the key elements of human cognition and performance; and b) proposes design requirements and optimal parameter settings for connected vehicles and automated vehicles in order to maximize human performance and safety. The project is a pioneering work on the critical and timely subject of CTS with connected and autonomous vehicles. Unlike previous work which focuses primarily on hardware and software research and design, this project focuses on the human performance and safety-driven CTS design.   Specifically, the project addresses several important human-cyber systems integration problems to significantly improve human traveler safety and potentially save millions of human lives.