iSEED Summer Research Projects, By Year


Amanda Gamwo Discovering Sleep in Military Families: Do Male Soldiers' Charecteristics Significantly Impact Female Civilian Partners" Sleep?
Nashali Massa  Effects of Post-weaning Social Isolation on Social Circuits
Lauren Heinzinger IL-13 Delivered by Multilameller Liposomes Mitigates Upregulation of Checkpoint Molecules on Human Tumor Specific T Cells in the Tumor Microenvironment
Mebrhit Meheretab Behavioral Characteristics of Wild Type & APP/PS1 Mice
Malaike Addo Usability Study Associated with Devices Used in Homes
Beatrice Gonzalez Identification of the ganglioside receptors on B Cancer cells required by the bacterial toxin LT-Ilctopromoter cytotoxicity
Yuribel Rosario Protein Purification and Extraction of Gis2 and Zfn9 from Cryptococcus neoformans
Amanda Pollard  The Comparison of Subjective Sleep measures in Lung cancer patient survivors with insomnia
Hannah Dougherty Using Electrospinning to M Flow Diversion Designs
Destinee Bledsoe The role of p38y on Oligodendrocyte Pregenitors 
(OPC) differentiation and remyelination in Multiple Sclerosis
Makayla Roma Early Predictors of Functional Decline
Jasmine McClain Treating PTSD using Narrative Exposure Therapy


LeDaniel Sims Cold Plasma Treatment for Biomedical Scaffolds
Renato Quinones Associations Between Traffic Pollution and Autism Spectrum Disorders
Taylor Gietschier Weight regain after Bariatric Surgery: Exploring Pre- and Post-operative mental health
Blessing Hunsu Monocarboxylate transporter 6 (MCT6) as a determinant of cisplatin ototoxicity
Astrid Gutierrez Wnt Signaling and Glucose Oxidation
Daisy Zavala Decentering as a Moderator of the Association of Stress with Depression
Simone John-Vanderpool Does Vasopressin Act in the Anterior Hypothalamus to Regulate Ultrsonic Vocalizations in Rats?
John Lepore An Investigation of Commensal Immune Interactions Altered by Oral Pathogens
Ashirah Simpson Validation of Waist Circumference through Visceral Adiposity
Yadilyz Caballero Developing a scFv-protamine against CXCR4
Christopher Baker Augmented Reality Gamification for Lower Extremity Rehabilitation 
Tiffany Chen The Effects of Virtual Reality on Gait among Adults with Multiple Sclerosis
Raquel Gomez HIV viral proteins contribute to telomere legnth shortening in Microglia: Implication for Accelerated HIV-1 associated Neurocognitive Disorders


Quinn Carroll An Investigation of Posttraumatic Growth and type of Traumatic Life Event experienced in a high risk adolescent population
Lindsey Euscher The Role of Protein Aggregation in the Development of Inhibitors to Elocate in Hemophilia A
Aylin Flores Distinguishing Whether RIF2 and ORC4 Subfunctionalized or Neofunctionalized After Duplication
Dorian Frazier Influence of Starting Material on Human Monocyte-derived Dendritic Cells
Samantha Manahan American Indians and Alzheimer's Disease: A Systematic Review 2006-2016
Adriana del Mar Pons Calvo Macrophage Acetylcholine Receptor Regulation of TNF Production during Neuropathic Pain
Melinda Tiao Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) Assessment of Endothelialization in Elastase Aneurysem Models Treated with a Retrievable Asymetric Flow Diverter (RAFD)
Toneia  Washington  Analyzing Oral Wound Healing on Murine Macrophage Cell Lines Using Photobiomodulation
Toni Warnick Histological Evaluation of Elastase-Induced Rabbit Aneurysms Treated with Retrievable Asymmetric Flow Diverter (RAFD)
LeDaniel Simms Bioengineering with Nano Scaffolds for Tissue Regeneration


Briana McCloskey The Effect of Increased Water Intake on Food Consumption
Elizabeth Quaye Methamphetamine Mediated Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Microglial Apoptosis
Jenelle Robinson Evaluation of the Safe Sleep Video in Mothers
Lauren Shepard Development of a Benchtop Model of Fractional Flow Reserve
Rebecca Hojna  A Cysteine Protease of Treponema denticola Cleaves Human Complement Proteins
Rosanny Bivieca Changes in Novelty Seeking and Social Approach During Adolescence in Siberian Hamster
Sheyanne Santiago Differences in Sensitivity Between the MTT and MTS Assays
Mariah Costa Compliance Measurements of Multi-Material 3D Printed Vascular Models
Nana Serwaa Memory Enhancement Induced by PDE2 Inhibition in an Alzheimer's Disease Model of Mice
Lhama Dorje Band Gap Tuning of BaZrO3 Through Ti Doping
Ahmad Salah Screening of Biomaterial Surfaces Using Cell Adhesion
Dayhna Marti Ojeda Cultural Inaccuracy: Misidentification of Alzhimer's Disease Indicators in the American Indian Population
Kennethea Wilson The Involvement of Partners in Prostate Cancer Patients' Treatment Decision


Brett Blizzard Fabrication and Transfer of Large Area Monolayer MoS2
B. Erika Luis Sanchez Social Play in Vasopressin-Deficient Brattleboro Rats
Elizabeth Penner Function Divergence of Orc4 and Rif2 in Yeast Model Kluyveromyces Iactis
Christine Breindel Screening for Candida abicans Genes Involved in Cellular Adhesion and Virulence
Janet Park Understanding the Relationship Between Rab 5 GTPase and Protein Sorting Nexin 8 in Phagocytosis
Stacie Arechavala Surface Optimization of 3D Printed Vascular Phantoms for Parametric Imaging Software Validation
Gabriel Kelly Air Sense: A Portable Ambient Monitoring Device with Android
Karla Boeta-Lopez The Role of Calcium in CaMKK2 Mediated Akt Activation
Christina Moore Evaluation of RCT: Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Insomia in Lung Cancer
Natalie Weimer Exploring Factors Associated with Harmful Behaviors in the Transgender Community
Benita Okeke Effects of Drug Loading on Antibody Pharmaceuticals
Yaritza Velez Burgos Nanocages as a Novel Scaffold for Peptide Display
Kaleish Ambris Improvement in Markers of Lipid Metabolism in Skeletal Muscle from Offspring of Dietary-induced Obese Dams that Underwent Treadmill Exercise Training
Jacob Khuri Association Betwen Parental and Child Obesity - Systemiatic Review and Meta-Analysis
Rashaun Williams Effect of Hydration on Food Intake in Adults


Saiema Alam Overexpression and Purification of Two Putative E3 Ligases of the Oral Bacterium Treponema denticola
Carina Abreu Interactive Effects of Human N6AMT1 and AS3MT in Arsenic Biomethylation and Resulting Toxicity
Alyssa Gbewonyo Towards Treating Obesity by Uncoupling Mitochondria using 2,4-Dinitrophenol
Stephanie Der The Effects of Simulated Inflammation on the Mechanical Properties of Magnesium Alloy AZ91E
Dominique Saddler Functionalizing HUVECs with Microparticles to Control Cell Phenotype
Kirsten Adams A Health Crisis: HIV Status Among African American Women
Javier Muniz Worm Ecology
Amber Scott  PULSE Healthy Teen Groups: Emotional Dysregulation in At-Risk, Overweight Adolescents
Gino Michael An Role of Secreted Aspartyl Proteinases on utilization of Zinc in Candida albicans
Karen Seo Targeting Phosphodiesterase 4D for treating depression, anxiety, and memory impairment
Tiffany Long Smoking Behavior Controlled by Automatic and Nonautomatic Cognitive Processes
Mobolanle Adebesin Assessment of Chlorpyrifos Exposure in Adolescent Egyptian Agricultural Workers and Factors that Contribute to Variability in Exposure between Workers


Adelaeda Barrera Induction of MAPK Pathways During Morphogenesis in Candida albicans
Kendall Sands Bacterial Adhesion on Saliva-Coated Silicon Model Surfaces
Catherine Brooks Supporters' Psychological Adjustment to Breast Cancer: A Review of Published Intervention Studies
John Pender Validation of CamNtech Pro-Diary
Akeem Francis Enhancement of Induction and Synchronous Motor Fault Simulation Modules for Integrated Protective Relay Assessment
Michael Singletary Development of Transmission Line Fault Simulation Modulles for Accurate Configuration of Real-World Smart Grid Ground and Distance Relay Protection Scenarios
Jennifer Green The Effects of Vitamin A on the Migration of Dendritic Cells Towards CCL21
Genevieve Stever Transporter Expression in Human Tissue and Cell Lines
Oumou Keita Loss-of-Function Genetic Screens in Human Cells Identify Genetic Factors that Contribute to the Chemo-resistance in Cancer Patients to Velcade (Brotezomib) Treatment
Carmen Marable Cytochrome P-450 (CYP) Variants as Potential Biomarkers of Sensitivity to Chlorpyrifos
Kathia Y. Molina Carrasquillo Study of Photoluminescencent Properties of Graphene Quantum Dots Through Passivation Reactions
Alyssa Yaeger A Quantitative Test of Raman Scattering Selection Rules in Crystals
Ashley A Rivera Rodriguez A Role of Phf4 in the Unconventional Splicing of HXL1 mRNA in Cryptococcus neoformans
Courtney Turner Depletion of D2 Receptors via Intracerebroventricular Injection to Determine Impulsiveness in Rats