Overseas Programs

Pioneering Overseas Programs

The Office of International Education collaborates with participating schools in the delivery of UB degree programs in other countries. Six baccalaureate degree programs—in Business Administration, Communication, Psychology, Sociology, Economics and International Trade—are delivered at the Singapore Institute of Management campus in Singapore.

Two Master of Science degree programs—in Business Analytics and Systems, and Embedded Systems—are delivered in “twinning programs” at the Bengaluru Campus of Amrita University in India. UB has a long history and extensive track record of delivering its degree programs in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. Among other programs, UB conducted the first U.S. MBA program at the Dalian Unviersity of Technology in China (1984-1989) and a highly successful cooperative education program at the Kuala Lumpur campus of Universiti Teknologi MARA in Malaysia (1986-1991).

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, UB partnered with Riga Technical University in Latvia and the University of Ottawa, Canada to develop and support the Riga Business School (1991), the first western school of management in the Baltics and one of the most successful.