List Of Members

Council members include internationally active faculty from across the university as well as administrators from the Office of International Education and other academic support units.

Member Department

Katharina Azim


Tilman Baumstark

Faculty Affairs

Peter Biehl, Chair

Anthropology/College of Arts and Sciences

Janina Brutt-Griffler

Graduate School of Education

Oscar Budde (ex officio)

UB Immigration Services

Yu-Ping Chang


Filomena Critelli

Social Work

Colleen Culleton

Romance Languages and Literatures

Kathy L. Curtis

English Language Institute

Stephen C. Dunnett (ex officio)

International Education

David Fertig


Christian Flaugh

Romance Languages and Literature

Walter Hakala

Asian Studies

Graham Hammill

Graduate School

Daniel Hess

Architecture and Planning

Joseph J. Hindrawan (ex officio)

International Enrollment Management

Christopher Hollister

University Libraries

Junhao Hong


Maria S. Horne

Theatre and Dance

Mara Huber

Undergraduate Education

Christine Human

Engineering and Applied Sciences

Shaun A. Irlam

Comparative Literature

Wei Loon Leong

Alumni Engagement

Meredith Kolsky Lewis


Zhiqiang Liu

Economics, Confucius Institute

Donald McGuire


H. Lorraine Oak

College of Arts and Sciences

Mary Odrzywolski (ex officio)

Study Abroad Programs

Mulchand S. Patel


Jessie P.H. Poon


Gina Prescott Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Barbara Ricotta

Student Life

Steven L. Shaw (ex officio)

International Admissions

Othman Shibly

Dental Medicine

Dorothy Siaw-Asamoah


John H. Stone

Public Health and Health Professions

Katie Tudini (ex officio)

International Student Services

Lisa Vahapoglu

Community for Global Health Equity

Claude E. Welch, Jr.

Political Science

Lillian S. Williams

Transnational Studies

John J. Wood (ex officio)

International Education