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Student kicking a soccer ball
Zakaria Boucetta portrait

By Zakaria Boucetta | Undergraduate | Architecture

A close-knit community

I’d heard lots of stories about how segregated Europeans can feel at U.S. schools, but that’s not the case here. At UB, I feel very much at home, there’s a tight-knit, close community of all kinds of students in my school, department and studio. The diversity here is amazing.

I’m part of an intramural soccer club and an architecture studio group on the South Campus. I’ve met people from the dental school, and people from New Hampshire, Brazil, and upstate New York. We do a lot together on the South Campus, especially.

I like that my relationships on the South Campus are different from the ones on the North Campus. There are different dynamics to each.


  • Becoming part of the family
  • Getting Involved
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