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Ellicott Complex, North Campus


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Students on the beach smiling.

Nikki and Shannon enjoying a trip to the beach. The two became good friends after meeting in Ellicott Complex.

By Sooyoung "Nikki" Cheon | BS '13 Accounting

Forming new friendships

I moved to the Ellicott Complex, where I met my best friend, Shannon Laventure. While she hung out with me and other Korean people, she became extremely interested in learning about the Korean culture and language. So she decided to take some Korean classes at UB and she improved her Korean very fast, which I am very proud of. We would cook Korean food together and eat it during exam week.

Ellicott dorm room.

Ellicott dorm room

At the same time, my English speaking skills got much better since we hung out all the time and I was exposed to all the American culture she introduced to me. In fall 2011, we moved to Hadley Village together and officially became roommates. Now, we live separately, but we still hang out a lot. I live in South Lake Village now, and she’s in grad school at UB.

Overall, I really enjoyed living on campus, especially in the dorms because it gave me so many opportunities to interact with other students easily. I also felt safe living in the dorms. In particular, if you study until late at night in the library, there’s a bus running on campus for 24 hours.


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