Terese Kelly Investment Group

Alfiero Center, North Campus


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School of Management.

By Sooyoung "Nikki" Cheon | BS '13 Accounting

Making real-world financial decisions

The Terese Kelly Investment Group helps you get real-life experience by investing in the stock market. Each week we discussed the stock price change on our portfolio and strategies we should take in order to increase our earnings. We made the presentations as a group or individual about the stock we pitched, including ones we wanted to add to our portfolio or the ones we wanted to sell. A lively discussion followed after the presentation was made, which sometimes became intense, and after discussing the future outlook of the company as well as the risk, we voted on whether to sell, buy or hold.

Overall, research and presentations on stocks allowed us to learn about the company inside and out and taught us how to make decisions based on limited information. Not only did it allow me to improve my knowledge of the stock market, but it also fundamentally developed my strategic thinking, presentation skills and teamwork skills.

My experience with this group formed the base of my knowledge in the stock market and equipped me with skills to be competitive in the job market.


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