Strategic Management

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By Sooyoung "Nikki" Cheon | BS '13 Accounting

Researching global companies

My favorite professor in the School of Management is Yong Li, who teaches Strategic Management (MGO 403). I learned so much from him about how companies gain and sustain a competitive advantage by coming up with corporate-level and business-level strategies.

While preparing for a presentation and a consulting report, I learned how to work with a team and how to get your point across. I also learned a lot about how a company survives in a global competitive environment. Most importantly, I did my personal project under Professor Li as a requirement of the Honors Program at UB, and I wrote a business case about Amazon’s global expansion strategy. I had to do a lot of research on how the company expanded into different countries from China to Germany to England, and what was the reasoning behind choosing those countries to do business. Professor Li used the case as a class example, which I was extremely happy about.


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