A Welcoming City

Coca-Cola Field, Buffalo


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Students at the Bisons baseball stadium smiling.

Nikki (second from right) poses with friends at the National Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival at Coca-Cola Field in downtown Buffalo.

By Sooyoung "Nikki" Cheon | BS '13 Accounting

Buffalo: you'll love it!

I believe that Buffalo is a good city to live in. It’s got a great diversity because of UB, and I think that’s what makes Buffalo unique. Different people from all different countries come to UB and create a unique culture.

I like Buffalo the most during the spring and the summer when the flowers bloom and the trees are green. It feels just so great walking around campus near South Lake in South Lake Village, while feeling the breeze and fresh air.

Quality shopping malls, good restaurants and nice looking houses while driving down the road also contribute to the reasons why I like Buffalo.


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