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Nikki and friends
Sooyoung "Nikki" Cheon portrait

By Sooyoung "Nikki" Cheon | BS '13 Accounting

Having a chat

The ELI program at UB encouraged me to speak up in class, ask instructors many questions, and really apply what I learned on a day-to-day basis. All of these things were essential to improving my fluency in the English language. One thing I liked about being in the U.S classroom was the encouragement we were given to form our own opinions and speak freely about them in front of others.

By actively participating in many group discussions, I learned the importance of forming my own opinions based on reasoning and facts, and these skills directly applied to my undergraduate courses.

Chat Room is a unique opportunity for UB students. You are paired up with one American student each week to freely discuss any topics. It is a great opportunity to make friends. Through this, my speaking skills greatly improved and interestingly, I still keep in touch with some of the people I met through Chat room. We’re still good friends.


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