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By Lokpriya Singh | Undergraduate | Mathematics
International Student Ambassador

Connecting with culture at International Fiesta

International students will be a little worried about adapting to a completely new and different culture here. Yes, I was very excited about coming to the States, meeting people who are from here. But at the same time, I was apprehensive about whether I’d meet people who speak my language, people who like the same food as I do, enjoy music and movies from my country, know the latest news from “back home.”

I find myself talking about “back home” a lot. All the things that we do, things that we do differently from here—I talk about everything. And so do the other international students.

How do you find that sense of belonging and home while you are away from home? UB becomes your second home. As time progresses you meet people and make friends. You get really close to some people and they become like your second family here.

International Fiesta is one way to find people who you connect with. International Fiesta takes place every year, where all international student associations as well as other student associations perform and display their culture and what their club is about. From freshmen to seniors, it is the most diverse group of people! You will find all languages, genders, cultures, EVERYTHING!

These are some amazing performances, with a lot of hard work and dedication by everyone!


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