What I love about living on South Campus

Goodyear Hall, UB South Campus


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By Leonard Arambam| Undergraduate | Electrical Engineering
International Student Ambassador

Why choose South Campus?

Are you thinking about staying on campus? Do you want to live the UB life? Stay in South Campus and enjoy the feel of the entire university1

There are two residence halls in south campus; Goodyear Hall and Clement Hall which are connected by tunnels. Most of the students staying in Goodyear are freshmen and a mix in Clemens. South Campus Takes approximately 25 minutes by Stampede bus service, which runs every five minutes so you don’t have to worry about getting to classes on time. Both the buildings have doubles and singles so you can stay with someone you know or stay alone if you need some privacy. I am staying in a single, and it feels good to have some privacy. Next year I want to stay with my friends, so I will be moving to a double.

Other than all these, the good thing about these halls is that there are shops just across the street so you don’t have to go far to get your daily needs. 


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