Social Entrepreneurship

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Speaker at a UB event.

By Leonard Arambam | Undergraduate | Electrical Engineering
International Student Ambassador

Lessons from Blake and my parents

I love Blake Mycosksie’s story, his business model of creating his TOMS shoe company. He sells shoes for a profit and then gives a part of that money to donate new shoes to people who need them. Someday I’d like to become a social entrepreneur like him, and run my own engineering company.

During my first semester, I attended his lecture at UB. I even designed a pair of TOMS shoes as part of a student design competition before the lecture.

A lot of life depends on your experiences. My father is a social worker, and my mother is a local organizer and activist. From when I was very young, they taught me to appreciate giving back to society by helping others.

And yeah, I talk with my parents every day on the phone. It’s cheap and easy to call home, which is good, because they always want to hear what I’m doing.


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