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By Leonard Arambam | Undergraduate | Electrical Engineering
International Student Ambassador

Sailing on Lake Erie

Even before I came to UB, I was thrilled by the idea of learning how to sail or row a boat and was looking forward to trying it. Fortunately, during the first week of the semester, I went to the general meeting of the Sailing Club. I had never sailed before in my life and didn’t know anything about sailing, but due to my skilled teammates, I was able to learn quickly.

The amazing thing about sailing is that one gets the control of a very important natural power—wind. You learn how to use the wind according to your needs.

While learning to sail, I experienced many things for the first time. My boat capsized and I drank lots of lake water as well as salty ocean water! I even got the chance to take part in a regatta which was held at another university in Virginia. It was such an awesome experience, I recommend you join this club and enjoy the adventure.

In this video/photo, I am tacking (switching sides of the boat to keep it on course) with my instructor, Andrew. I love being out on the water. We can get up to 25 knots in speed, which is pretty quick! By the way, I was appointed ‘Man at Arms’ in my club, but I am not sure what I am supposed to do…lol.


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