At home... in the dorms

Govenors Complex, North Campus


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 Esther on piano with sunlight.
Esther portrait.

By Esther Kyung Ah Chung | Undergraduate | Biological Sciences
International Student Ambassador

A cozy spot that felt like home

Esther and friends eating.

Movie nights. Late night girl talks. Cooking nights. Cheese party. Study all-nighters. It all happens right here, in the dorms. 

It all started with getting to know the students on my floor. In our first week of moving in, the students got together on the wide grass lawn right outside of Governors and played Ninja. It started the party; a couple of kids from the same floor started to plan morning jogs, and soon enough, half the hall joined in for a nice morning jog around North Campus!

yoga on the floor.

That was the start of our friendship. As Clinton Hall of Governors Complex had a large number of international students, many of them got together and made a potluck dinner for each other. Foods consisted of ramen noodles and bulgogi (stir-fried meat) from South Korea, dumplings and spicy tofu from China, fried rice from Malaysia, spicy shrimp curry from India and so forth.

smiling sitting around table.

Governors always had something for me, whether it was the food, the entertainment, the space or the equipment. All four halls, Lehman, Clinton, Dewey and Roosevelt, connected in one Governors Complex. It really helped me excel socially, academically and physically during my freshman year. It is one thing that I won't be able to forget!


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