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Affordable Costs and Funding Opportunities

Investing in your education is a big step, but it is the key to your success and to a future with unlimited possibilities.

At UB, you will receive a great education from some of the world’s best professors and researchers. You will discover opportunities for hands-on research and internships. You will make friends and connections for a lifetime. The bottom line: UB is an unbeatable value!

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As a public (“state”) university, UB’s costs are some of the lowest in the U.S. In fact, UB’s tuition is often half that of comparable public and private universities. Moreover, UB is highly ranked in the U.S. for students graduating with the least amount of debt.

Lower costs with “Finish In 4”

Students who stay on track and graduate in a timely manner reduce the cost of their education compared to students who do not.

Even with our affordable costs, our goal is to make UB accessible to as many students as possible. All incoming freshmen can participate in the Finish in 4 program, a structured academic advising program designed to help students stay on schedule so that they will finish their degree in four or fewer years.

Scholarships for high achievers

UB rewards talented students by offering a variety of merit-based scholarships. If you are a high-achieving academic student, a talented artist or a star athlete, visit our Scholarships section for more details.

External funding opportunities

In addition to UB’s affordable costs and scholarship opportunities, many students and families take advantage of external scholarships, loans and payment plans. Scholarships and grants are available from many nonprofit and service organizations as well as from government programs. Many families find education loans with low interest rates and favorable repayment terms. UB even offers an installment tuition payment plan. This way, your tuition payments can be spread throughout the year.

Detailed tuition and fees breakdown

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