Scholarship Terms and Conditions

International Admissions Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded for the term of admission indicated in your admission letter. If you decline your admission or defer your term of admission, this scholarship offer is null and void.

These scholarship funds may only be applied toward full-time degree programs with on-campus physical presence enrollment. This scholarship award cannot be used for non-degree study, and/or part-time study, and/or online programs/courses. 

You must be enrolled in full-time status while attending UB; and You must maintain a grade point average (GPA and CGPA) of at least 3.0 (out of 4.0) while enrolled at UB; and You must be pursuing completion of your degree in a timely fashion (on track to graduate within four years). Failure to meet and maintain these minimum requirements will result in loss of the scholarship in subsequent semesters/years.

If your New York State Residency changes from Out-of-State to In-State, the amount of your scholarship will be recalculated to a proportionate amount.

If you receive a scholarship from another sponsor / source (for example, your government, a company, athletic scholarships or any other scholarship source), your UB scholarship will be recalculated to a proportionate amount or removed. It is your responsibility to inform the Office of International Admissions about such scholarships you might receive.

If your citizenship changes to U.S. Permanent Resident, U.S. Asylee/Refugee or U.S. Citizen, this scholarship will become null and void.

If your admission is not finalized (by submitting the required documents that will be identified on a Provisional Admission sheet that will be sent to you with your I-20 after you pay the Tuition Deposit), by the end of your first semester of study, this scholarship may become null and void (no longer available in future semesters).

Upon receiving the International Admissions Scholarship and enrolling at UB, the University at Buffalo and the Offices of International Education may use your likeness (photograph or video clip) and your story / quotes for promotional purposes; the university would seek your permission before doing so.