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Preparation for Future Success

UB creates critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, knowledge creators and leaders. We’ll help you achieve your goals through close collaborative relationships with our faculty, research opportunities, mentoring, internships and experiential learning. 

We encourage our students to make connections and engage with the world, and we’ll help you develop the skills and mindset that will position you for success.

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Career assistance from Day One

UB provides important career planning and placement resources from the moment you arrive on campus, and we remain a helpful resource for you after you graduate. Our career counselors can help you identify your skills and strengths, develop your academic path, connect you with mentoring programs, and help you apply for campus jobs and off-campus internships.

Test-drive a career

Internships are a great way to explore options, try out fields of interest, build your network and begin defining career goals. UB has hundreds of valuable internship opportunities.

UB connects you with our faculty experts and to potential employers off campus. Hundreds of top companies visit UB annually. They include Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! and they recruit students and graduates for internships and full-time employment.

Gain work experience on campus

UB offers opportunities to work on campus in many jobs that will help you gain valuable work experience. Campus jobs are another way to explore a field you might want to pursue — and earn money for college.

Go global with study abroad

A summer architecture program in the parks, cafés and museums of Barcelona. A year-long program in Kobe, Japan, to become immersed in Japanese language and culture.

Nothing compares to seeing the world firsthand. UB offers these and many other life-changing, career-defining moments when you study abroad while at university.

UB offers study abroad opportunities in 30 countries, with access to more than 550 other SUNY study abroad programs. Eleven percent of our undergraduates study abroad — five times the national average.

Connect with alumni

While you’re a student, we help connect you to a large network of alumni at corporations around the globe. Meet alumni on campus for mentoring, advice and conversation. You can even join our alumni for a day at their workplace to see what the working world is really like!

After you graduate, you’ll join a family of nearly 220,000 alumni who make their home in 115 countries around the world. With 25 regional and 12 international alumni association chapters, UB makes it easy to stay in touch and build your professional network.

Career Conversations

At UB Career Conversations, students network with alumni from all over the world without leaving campus.

Alumni Mentors

UB alumnus Mike Hooven, MS ’92, BS ’70 helps a student land his dream job.

Get connected!

The UB Mentor Network has a worldwide network of 450+ alumni, parents and employers who serve as a resource to UB students and recent graduates, offering their perspective on career choice, internships, job searching, continuing education and professional advancement.

Great Grads

Here are just a few of our many accomplished UB alumni:

  • Co-founder of, major Chinese-language search engine — Li Yanhong (Robin)
  • Industrialist and former Indonesian minister of state-owned enterprises — Tanri Abeng
  • Former Chinese minister of education and current president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering — Zhou Ji
  • Taiwan’s former deputy minister of education — Wu Tieh-Hsiung
  • Former dean of Singapore’s National Institute of Education at Nanyang Technological University — Saravanan Gopinathan
  • Former vice chancellor of Kenyatta University, Kenya  — Everett Standa
  • Executive director of World Education Services — Mariam Assefa
  • Former astronaut and NASA mission specialist — Ellen Shulman Baker
  • Co-founder of Miramax Films — Harvey Weinstein
  • Award-winning journalist for CNN — Wolf Blitzer
  • Pulitzer Prize–winning cartoonist for The Washington Post — Tom Toles

Boost your English skills

Need to improve your speaking and writing ability? We can help! UB’s English Language Institute is a national leader in helping undergraduate students improve their English proficiency and prepare for university study.

UB has the right program for you

Whether you want a degree or just wish to improve your skills, UB has one of the best-known English language programs for non-native speakers in the U.S. 

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