A Global Perspective

Experience the world beyond our borders, no matter what you study at UB. After all, Buffalo is an international border city with Canada. We offer multicultural campus experiences and an academic environment that prepares you for life in an interconnected, global society. 

Our Commitment to Internationalization

Stephen Dunnett, Vice Provost for International Education

Portrait of Steven C. Dunnett.

“UB’s strategic commitment to internationalization influences everything we do—from the students and faculty we recruit to the impactful research we undertake to the innovative programs and curricula we offer. Education at UB is greatly enriched by our international community of scholars and researchers, and UB’s multifaceted and transformative engagement with the world beyond our borders.”

In the classroom and in our everyday social activities, we tackle issues of global significance and celebrate cultural diversity.

Faculty come from every region in the world and host more than 600 international scholars and researchers at UB each year, partnering with institutions worldwide.

Our diversity and international engagement make us more inquisitive as scholars and more compassionate as human beings.

UB established the first U.S. branch center and MBA program in China, and offers long-established academic programs in Singapore and India.

Each year, increasing numbers of our students and faculty make their mark abroad in research, scholarship and service.

UB has its own established centers in international issues, bringing students and faculty from many disciplines together to examine topics ranging from languages and literatures to global health and cross-border trade. 

UB’s expanding overseas community includes chapters in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey.